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  1. Memorial gathering for Leon Knopoff, UCLA, May 5, 2011

    except as noted
    All photos by Scott Hutchinson

    If you are pictured or named in a photo but would prefer not to be, please let us know.

  2. UCLA Faculty Center, May 5, 2011
  3. The program
  4. Music performed by Frances Teng – daughter of Prof. Leon Teng, scientific colleague and former graduate research assistant of Leon's
  5. Jo Knopoff, Irene Kleinberg, Rachel Knopoff, Penny Hutchinson, Doris Nelson
  6. Mark Liebman
  7. Adrian Wadley and Rachel Knopoff
  8. Cousins Michael Knopoff and Scott Liebman
  9. Penny Hutchinson
  10. Kathy Jackson hugging Rachel Knopoff; Joan Mills in back
  11. Marcello Coradini, Karen McBride, Rachel Knopoff and fiancé Russ Dickerson
  12. Val Maisner and Sr. Diane Donoghue
  13. Leslie Wolf and Anne Arend
  14. Joyce Somers, longtime secretary of Leon's, and Rita Nolan
  15. Kathy (Mrs. Dave) Jackson
  16. Rachel Knopoff and Penny Hutchinson
  17. Diana Thatcher, Leon's grandniece and grandnephew, Andrea Nylund; Pat Anderson at right
  18. John Liebman hugging his granddaughter
  19. Pat Anderson
  20. Leon's grandnephew and grandniece, Andrea Nylund, Katie Knopoff Wadley, Rachel Knopoff
  21. Professor Paul Davis, Jo Knopoff
  22. Professors Sam Aroni and Volodya Keilis-Borok
  23. Pat and Prof. Russ Hardwick
  24. Matt Lee, PhD student of Leon's   photo by Scott Liebman
  25. Andrea Nylund
  26. Jo Knopoff greeting a guest; Professor Carmine Clemente in back
  27. Michael Knopoff
  28. Jo Knopoff hugging Max Greenberg
  29. Jo Knopoff; Michael Knopoff in back
  30. Russ Dickerson and Rachel Knopoff   photo by Katie Wadley
  31. Julie Clemente
  32. Julie Clemente, Michael Knopoff
  33. Marti Koplin
  34. Jo Knopoff hugging Shela Patel
  35. Arriving guests: Andrew Fredricks, Clarence Allen, Bob McPherron, Joan Maxwell, Amber Williamson, Lyda Boyer; Diana Thatcher at left
  36. Lyda (Mrs. Paul) Boyer; Shela Patel at left
  37. Lyda Boyer and Jo Knopoff
  38. Andrew Fredricks, son of Dr. Robert Fredricks, PhD student of Leon's
  39. Andrew Fredricks talking with Jo Knopoff; Corinne (Mrs. Bob) Fredricks at left
  40. Professor George Igo
  41. Scott Liebman; Gregg Vane in back
  42. Christopher Arend   photo by Scott Liebman
  43. Benjamin Arend   photo by Scott Liebman
  44. Professors Herb Morris and Dave Jackson
  45. Leon's grandnephew and grandniece
  46. John Liebman, Andrea Liebman Nylund at right   foreground:  Anne Arend and Amanda Snook
  47. Anne Arend and granddaughter Amanda Snook   in back:  John Liebman, Andrea Nylund
  48. Professor Paul Davis and Dean Joseph Rudnick; Dr. Ritsuko Matsu'ura at left
  49. Dr. Jean Elkhoury talking with Dr. Russ Dickerson; Professor Mark Harrison at left
  50. Max Greenberg
  51. Susan (Mrs. Mark) Harrison   in back:  Professors Wendell Jeffrey and Bernice Wenzel
  52. Guests, including: Susan Harrison, Wendell Jeffrey, Bernice Wenzel, Lester Breslow, Malca Aroni, Jackie Schwartz, Russ and Pat Hardwick, Diane Donoghue, Anne Berkovitz, Pat Anderson, Leon Teng, Jim Dieterich
  53. Anne Berkovitz, Pat Anderson; Joan Mills at right   in back:  Prof. Jim Dieterich, and John Schlue, PhD student of Leon's
  54. Professor Fermin Carranza
  55. Rita (Mrs. Fermin) Carranza
  56. Renee and Elias Barbinis, PhD student of Leon's   in back:  Karolynne and Randy Gee
  57. Rachel and Michael Knopoff
  58. Professor Ajit Mal
  59. Slideshow of photos from throughout Leon's life
  60. Katie Wadley greeting a guest
  61. Marjorie Friedlander
  62. Rachel and Jo Knopoff   in back:  Jenni Arend Snook, Anne Arend, Amanda Snook
  63. Prof. Bill Hutchinson, co-author with Leon of numerous papers on music, next to Andrea Nylund   foreground:  John Liebman, Jenni Snook   in back:  Fermin Carranza, Gregg Vane, Doris Nelson   far back:  Helen Nefkens, Larry Maisner
  64. California Room filled
  65. With every seat taken, some guests stand at the back, others have gone to the patio to watch on a video screen.
  66. Prof. Russ Hardwick, Pat Hardwick, Sr. Diane Donoghue, Anne Berkovitz, Pat Anderson, Joan Mills
  67. Prof. Sam Aroni, Malca Aroni, Merton and Jackie Schwartz, David Montalba
  68. Prof. Ali Shabaik and Virginia Shabaik, Toshi Ashikaga   at left:  Carolyn and Prof. Chuck Knobler   in back:  Prof. Bob McPherron and Kathy McPherron
  69. Dave Jackson opens the program.
  70. David Jackson, Professor of Geophysics, UCLA, moderator and speaker
  71. Professor Dave Jackson
  72. Joseph Rudnick, Dean of Physical Sciences and Professor of Physics, UCLA
  73. Dean Joe Rudnick
  74. Mark Harrison, IGPP Director and Professor of Geochemistry, UCLA
  75. Professor Mark Harrison
  76. Ferdinand Coroniti, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA
  77. Professor Ferd Coroniti
  78. Professor Ferd Coroniti
  79. Paul Davis, Professor of Geophysics, UCLA   photo by Scott Liebman
  80. Gary Ernst, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Stanford University
  81. Professor Gary Ernst
  82. Jean Elkhoury, Postdoctoral Fellow, Environmental Engineering, UC Irvine, Leon's last PhD student
  83. Jean Elkhoury
  84. Margaret Kivelson, Professor Emerita of Space Physics, UCLA
  85. Herbert Morris, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and of Law, UCLA
  86. Professor Herb Morris
  87. Michael Knopoff
  88. Michael Knopoff
  89. Rachel Knopoff
  90. Rachel Knopoff
  91. Jo Knopoff
  92. Jo talks about the wonderful life she lived together with Leon.   photo by Scott Liebman
  93. Katie Knopoff Wadley
  94. Katie Wadley, closing the formal portion of the program
  95. John Liebman, Leon's brother-in-law
  96. Gregg Vane, JPL, sharing memories as one of Leon's graduate students
  97. Professor Ajit Mal, UCLA, colleague of Leon's
  98. Photos and memorabilia on display
  99. Photos and memorabilia
  100. Photos and memorabilia
  101. Reception on the patio   photo by Scott Liebman
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