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  1. Selected images of Leon Knopoff, colleagues, and friends

    Photos selected and scanned by Jo Knopoff

    If you are pictured or named in a photo but would prefer not to be, please let us know.

  2. Atop the "Cosmic Ray Truck" while a grad student at Caltech, 1947
  3. In the lab, 1951-52
  4. In the lab, 1952-53
  5. Leon, early 1950s
  6. With oil company executives, Denver, 1955, Leon Knopoff on right, then Prof. Louis Slichter
  7. Clarence Allen, Leon Knopoff, Barclay Kamb, Ron Shreve, Austerdalsbreen glacier, Norway, July 1960
  8. Expedition to the Dead Sea, January 1961, with John Belshe at left
  9. At Japan-US meeting on earthquake prediction, Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo, March 1964
    Leon Knopoff, George Sutton, Jack Oliver   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  10. At Japan-US meeting on earthquake prediction, Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo, March 1964
    Hugo Benioff 2nd from left, Don Tocher, Leon Knopoff, George Sutton   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  11. At Japan-US meeting on earthquake prediction, Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo, March 1964
    front row:  Kato, Steinhart, Tocher, Oliver, Benioff, Hanson, Sutton, Dix, Knopoff, Tsuboi, Wadati, Oetjen (?)
  12. Leon at Nokogiri-yama Observatory of Geodesy, March 1964   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  13. At Nokogiri-yama Observatory of Geodesy, March 1964, Leon Knopoff at right, Jack Oliver at left, George Sutton 2nd from right   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  14. At Shinto shrine at the base of Mt. Tsukuba, whose twin peaks (male and female) are believed to bestow marital bliss, March 1964   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  15. With Hugo Benioff at Tsukuba Shrine, March 1964   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  16. At Tsukuba Seismological Observatory, March 1964   photo by Ikuo Karakama
  17. Leon, May 1965
  18. Rehovoth Conference, June 1965
    front row:  Slichter, Press, Jeffreys, Knopoff, Keilis-Borok, Anderson, Gilbert
  19. With Mike Shimshoni, Rehovoth Conference, June 1965
  20. Leon Knopoff receives a Canadian medal, Ottowa, Sept. 1965
  21. Leon Knopoff, John Gardner, Bob Burridge, Ajit Mal, July 1965
  22. With Dr. E. M. Fournier d'Albe of UNESCO on Mt. Asama, Japan, August 1966
  23. At head table, European Seismological Commission meeting, Copenhagen, August 1966
    Leon Knopoff at left, Jo Knopoff third to right of speaker
  24. In his office, March 1966
  25. Leon Knopoff in his office, Pembroke Hart at right, July 1967
  26. Leon Knopoff with Dr. Inge Lehmannn, Trieste, September 1967
  27. Near Kearsarge Pass, Sierra Nevada, 1968   photo by Alan Leeds
  28. Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, 1968, John Schlue, Volodya Keilis-Borok, Leon Knopoff   photo by Alan Leeds
  29. Venice gondola ride, Jo, Michael, Volodya Keilis-Borok, Katie, Leon, Zhora Molchan, September 1970
  30. At a meeting in Banff, August 1972, Leon and Jo in center next to Bertha, Lady Jeffreys; others: Jane Flynn, Mike Shimshoni, Sir Harold Jeffreys, Ted Flynn
  31. At a meeting in Garm, Tajikistan, October 1973
  32. Armando Cisternas and Leon Knopoff, January 1976
  33. Leon playing four-hand piano music with Bill Hutchinson, July 1978
  34. At inauguration of Caltech president, with Jo, October 1978
  35. Leon Knopoff, Minister Fong Yi, Prof. A. Gansser-Biaggi, Deng Xiaoping, at reception for Tibet study delegation, Beijing, June 1980
  36. Minister Fong Yi, Leon Knopoff, Beijing, June 1980
  37. Leon Knopoff scoring in a much-reported basketball game between the delegation of western scientists and a Chinese team, China, June 1980
  38. In Tibet with a study delegation, June 1980
  39. Tibet, June 1980
  40. Tibet, June 1980
  41. Tibet, June 1980
  42. Gold Medal of Royal Astronomical Society presented to Leon Knopoff by M. Seaton, RAS President, London, September 5, 1980
  43. Gold Medal of Royal Astronomical Society presented to Leon Knopoff by M. Seaton, RAS President, London, September 5, 1980
  44. With RAS Gold Medal he just received, September 5, 1980
  45. Leon Knopoff and family with RAS President M. Seaton and (seated) Sir Harold Jeffreys, September 5, 1980
  46. Michael, Leon, Xu Guoming, Rachel, Chen Yun-tai, Los Angeles, January 1982
  47. In the lab, November 1983
  48. Atop Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), China, Xu Guoming at left, July 1985
  49. Leon Knopoff and Xu Guoming, Hefei, China, July 1985
  50. Talking with students, Hefei, China, July 1985
  51. With Professor Fu, China, July 1985
  52. Banquet with Prof. and Mrs. Chen Yun-tai, Beijing, July 1985
  53. Leon, John Liebman, Teruo Yamashita, backpacking in the Sierras, September 1985
  54. At Harvard, with Evelyn Teng, Jo, Rachel, Frances Teng, Leon Teng, June 1986
  55. Leon climbing with Walter Zürn, above Chamonix, France, September 1988
  56. Leon Knopoff, Andrei Sakharov, Vladek Pisarenko, Leningrad, October 1988, at a joint meeting of US and Soviet Academies of Sciences, organized for the US by Leon Knopoff and for the USSR by Volodya Keilis-Borok
  57. L. Knopoff, Y. Kagan, V. Keilis-Borok, A. Sakharov, G. Barenblatt, V. Pisarenko, D. Campbell, Academy of Sciences Building, Leningrad, October 1988
  58. Arriving for a session, joint meeting of US and Soviet National Academies of Sciences, Academy of Sciences Building, Leningrad, October 1988
  59. Leon, Gary and Charlotte Ernst, Jo, IGPP party, about 1988
  60. In the rain, Jo and Leon with Paul Davis, backpacking in the Sierras, July 1989
  61. In Turkey, August 1989   photo by Leon Teng
  62. Leon and Volodya Keilis-Borok, Istanbul, August 1989
  63. With Teruo Yamashita at a party given by the Earthquake Research Institute, Tokyo, October 1989
  64. With Bertha, Lady Jeffreys, at LAX, April 1989
  65. Leon Knopoff receives a medal from the Seismological Society of America, May 1990, taken with men who got their PhDs under him: Edo Nyland, Larry Porter, Tony Gangi, Alan Leeds, Niren Biswas, Doug Garbin
  66. 65th birthday celebration, July 1, 1990, with Jerry Wasserburg
  67. After a hike, with Walter Zürn, Austria, August 1991
  68. Atop Rastkogel, with Walter Zürn, August 1991
  69. Conferring with Adrian de Hoop, Delft, June 1992
  70. Lunch with Bertha, Lady Jeffreys, and Nancy Lapwood (widows of Leon's Cambridge colleagues Sir Harold Jeffreys and Ralph Lapwood), Newmarket, England, August 1992
  71. Professor Sir Alan Cook and Leon, August 1992, at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where Leon was a fellow
  72. Walter Zürn and Leon above Chamonix Valley, France, September 1993
  73. Leon with Bill Kaula, National Academy of Sciences meeting, Washington, DC, April 1994
  74. Leon's retirement party, Physics Department, December 1994
  75. Leon and Jo at Physics Department retirement party, December 1994
  76. Lecturing at Colloquium on Earthquake Prediction, National Academy of Sciences, Irvine, CA, February 1995
  77. With Katie at Selwyn College, Cambridge, September 1995, under portrait of Sir Alan Cook
  78. With Rita and Giuliano Panza, Trieste, May 1996
  79. With Zhongliang Wu, Beihai Park, Beijing, September 1996
  80. Lecturing on Non-Linear Dynamics of Seismicity, China, September 1996
  81. Participants in Workshop on Non-Linear Dynamics of Seismicity, Hangzhou, China, September 7-9, 1996   Leon 5th from left, front row
  82. At a dinner after lecturing at the Seismological Training Center, Hangzhou, September 1996, with Professor Chen Yuntai on right
  83. Climbing a tower near the Yangtze, September 1996
  84. Jo and Leon, National Academy of Sciences dinner dance, Washington, DC, April 1998
  85. Alaska, July 1999   standing at left:  Niren Biswas, Leon Knopoff, Kei Aki
  86. Preparing a lecture, Glacier Bay Lodge, Alaska, July 1999
  87. Leon and Jo at National Academy of Sciences President's Dinner, Washington, DC, May 2000
  88. With Zhongliang Wu and family, Sherman Oaks, May 2000
  89. Leon and Jo at a UCLA reception honoring them, May 2000
  90. Poster for symposium honoring Leon's 75th birthday and 50th year at UCLA
  91. The 75/50 symposium for Leon to mark his 75th birthday and 50 years at UCLA, Leon surrounded by his PhDs and postdocs, September 2000
  92. With Tony Gangi, one of the 75/50 organizers, September 2000
  93. With Gerald Schubert, 75/50 celebration, September 2000, David Scholler looking on
  94. At 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  95. Greeting Frank Press after his tribute, 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  96. 75/50 celebration, September 2000, Leon gets a hug from Volodya Keilis-Borok   looking on:  Frank Press, Devra and Lester Breslow
  97. At 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  98. With Jo at 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  99. Response to tributes, 75/50 celebration, September 2000, Katie looking on
  100. With the gift of a framed "Q" (shortest ever title of a paper), 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  101. A standing ovation for Leon, 75/50 celebration, September 2000
  102. Leon receives presentation copy of Knopoff Festschrift issue (Geophysical Journal International) from Royal Astronomical Society (publisher of the Journal), San Francisco, December 2000
  103. Photo in Knopoff Festschrift, 2000
  104. Working on transparencies for lecture, Tokyo, October 2000
  105. Meeting in Minneapolis, October 2001: A. Levshin, A. Gabrielov, V. Keilis-Borok, L. Knopoff, G. Molchan, V. Kossobokov, for Keilis-Borok's 80th birthday
  106. With Prof. Andrei Gabrielov at Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis, October 2001
  107. At IMA meeting, Minneapolis, October 2001   photo by Andrei Gabrielov
  108. With Prof. Volodya Keilis-Borok, IMA meeting, Minneapolis, October 2001   photo by Andrei Gabrielov
  109. Lecturing at IMA meeting, Minneapolis, October 2001   photo by Andrei Gabrielov
  110. With Volodya Keilis-Borok, November 2001
  111. With Armando and Delia Cisternas, Strasbourg, May 2002
  112. With Margy Kivelson, Paris, October 2003
  113. With Doris Müller (Mrs. Stefan Müller), Zürich, October 2003
  114. Lecturing at International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, October 2003: Models of Earthquakes as a Self-organizing Process   photo by Volodya Kossobokov
  115. About to receive Docteur Honoris Causa degree, l'Université Louis-Pasteur, Strasbourg, June 2004
  116. Speech after receiving honorary degree, Strasbourg, June 2004
  117. Docteur Honoris Causa in full regalia, Strasbourg, June 2004
  118. Docteur Honoris Causa with proud family, Strasbourg, June 2004
  119. Jo and Leon, Docteur Honoris Causa degree, l'Université Louis-Pasteur, Strasbourg, June 2004
  120. Lecturing on California earthquake prediction, Strasbourg, June 2004
  121. Leon meeting Hui Liangyu, Vice Premier of China, before 3rd International Conference on Continental Earthquakes, Beijing, July 2004
  122. Leon being made the first Honorary Professor of the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing, July 2004
  123. Expressing thanks for Honorary Professorship of the Institute of Geophysics, China Earthquake Administration, Beijing, July 2004
  124. Professor Zhongliang Wu, first Honorary Professor Leon Knopoff, Professor Chen Yuntai, Beijing, July 2004
  125. Lecturing at 3rd International Conference on Continental Earthquakes, Beijing, July 2004
  126. At conference on earthquakes, Beijing, July 2004
  127. At conference on earthquakes, Beijing, July 2004, where Leon was awarded an honorary professorship
  128. With Professor Chen Yuntai, UCLA Faculty Center, September 2007
  129. With Jean Elkhoury, Leon's last PhD student, after hooding ceremony, June 2008
  130. At a Royal Society soirée, London, with Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, Leon's 84th birthday, July 1, 2009
  131. UCLA, May 2008
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